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You have no idea how wonderful it was to read your 2007 article, "Sentimental Journey" on one of your fishing trips with my dad, Tom Miller. I found a PDF of it on the Internet while looking for something else. What a great surprise! THANK YOU. I loved your last paragraph.
May I ask a favor?  On your trips to Baja would you occasionally take a pair of cheap rubber flip flops of the kind Dad lived in and leave them high up on a Baja beach.  Draw a circle in the sand around them as he usually did.  The thought is that someone who frequents that beach and perhaps fishes there would find them and put a few miles on them.  And perhaps in that way take Dad on another Baja adventure along with him.  It is something I used to do but landlocked now in Arizona I don't get to the beach anymore. “...Diana Miller Johnson
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