The Death Valley Surf Casting Club Application

Rules are simple: To be eligible, one has only to leave or commit to leave one pair of flip flops with Death Valley Surf Fishing Club logo on a beach anywhere in Baja. Membership is for the physical year ending December 31st each year. Membership dues are $35.00 per year and they will receive five (5) logos to be applied to flip flops. Members can share their adventures with Gary Graham, who will select one or more members' trip to be featured in his Road Trekker columns. You can enter as many beach fishing adventures as you would like each year. If your story is published, you will receive a free membership for the following year. All members who join in 2010 will be considered Charter Members in the Tom Miller's Memorial Death Valley Surf Casting Club.
 VOICE & FAX (951) 245 2312
 707 West Limited St.
 Lake Elsinore, CA 92530